Woodland Babies Applique + Our Baby Blanks

I'm a huge fan of Designs By JuJu (www.designsbyjuju.com).  I'm on their mailing list and I pretty much love every single design set or font set they release.  I couldn't possibly stitch them all, but I can dream, right?  She recently released a set that immediately made me wish I had a reason to stitch these out on our onesies, bibs and burp cloths.  I mocked up the samples in Photoshop so you could be inspired by a project I'd like to make one day.  Maybe YOU will get it done?  If so, send us pics!!

The set I'm in love with is called Boxy Woodland Applique.  I'm a sucker for any cute little creature and I LOVE applique because it goes so fast!


I've mocked them up on our White Knit Onesies (the softest you will ever lay hands on!) and our white knit bibs and burps.  Below is the "foxy" grey knit bib and burp.  The font on the burp cloths is called "Chachie" and you can find it at www.rivermillembroidery.com

If you make up your own, please send us pics!  We can drool over your creations next!

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