OOH! Shiny! Hearts!

I needed a couple quick neighbor gifts, and since it's so close to Valentine's Day, I thought I would make some heartfelt (pun intended!) gifts.  You can never go wrong with a White Flat Weave Kitchen Towel decorated up for the holidays.  I have a wonderful stash of DecoSparkle HTV (heat transfer vinyl) so it was easy to pluck out the pretty red, pink and silver I needed. 

I pulled up a heart design in my Silhouette Studio software and sized the heart to be 2.5" wide.  Then I cut a couple hearts out of each color (red, pink, silver).  I decided on a vertical placement on the towel.  That's where it got a little tricky.  I used my Heat Tape, which I could NOT live without.  See how I positioned all the hearts and then held them in place while I moved them to the heat press?

You really need a teflon pressing sheet when you go to press it.  It protects the towel from being scorched by the heat press.  I also HIGHLY suggest a pressing pillow to place under the towel.  It helps you get a REALLY strong press and get a really nice transfer.

I had the heat press set to 325 degrees and pressed for only about 12 seconds.  The DecoSparkle really transfers fast and doesn't need a long press time.  Here's a close-up of the finished towel.  Look at all that sparkle!


I wanted to give more than just a towel, so I cut out 4 hearts measuring about 1.75" wide and cut out a set.  I followed the same process for pressing them onto a set of 4 cocktail napkins.  Too cute!

Here's a list of supplies and where I got them.  (Some of them are affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for any sale made through these links.  But they are all products we bought and used and highly recommend--all opinions are our own).

--Solid Flat Weave Towels can be found here

--Linen Cocktail Napkins can be found here

--Deco Sparkle (Pink, Red, Silver)

--simple heart .svg for your vinyl cutting machine

--Teflon pressing sheet can be found here

--Teflon pressing pillows can be found here

Now get to sparkling!

All That Glitters Is Gold

I sat down one evening and started cutting out hearts from all the beautiful sparkly HTV (heat transfer vinyl) I had in my stash.  I LOVE the way I've been seeing gold and silver mixed in to everyday living, and especially on pastels.  So I pulled my favorite pastel Solid Flat Weave Towels off the shelf and heat pressed these gorgeous hearts!

Here's the short and sweet list of supplies and the super easy instructions:

--Cotton Flat Weave Towels you can find here

--Glitterflex Ultra Heat Transfer Vinyl in Light Gold from www.crystaleyecandy.com

--Heart design for your vinyl cutting machine (we use Silhouette Cameo)

--Pressing Pillow (this is optional, but extremely helpful for getting a really nice transfer)  You can find the pressing pillows here:  ProWorld Pressing Pillows

--Teflon Pressing Sheet - A must-have for heat tranfer applications!  Available here


Cut the hearts out of the glitter HTV.  I cut mine to be 4.5 inches wide if you would like to copy what I did.  Determine which end of the towel is the bottom side (there's a hanging tab on the top, so you want to make sure to put the design on the bottom half).  If I'm doing the same design on multiple towels, I line up all three towels next to each other and make sure I position the design at the same spot across all three so they look the same.  You can use Heat Tape to hold the designs in place--love this product!

Making a "towel sandwich", layer a pressing pillow down onto the heat press, put the towel on top of it, and a teflon pressing sheet on top to protect the towel during the transfer. 

Transfer the design.  I used heat press settings of 325 degree temp and pressed for about 18 seconds.  I removed the clear carrier sheet from the design, then turned the towel over the pressed again for about another 18 seconds to really pull that vinyl into the towel.


I couldn't stop at just kitchen towels---I made this ADORABLE onesie!  Now to find a little baby girl to wear it---everyone I know has boys!

(some of the links above are affiliate links, which means if you click through them and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.  However, every product we feature is one we've bought and used ourselves and LOVE it, which is why we are recommending it.  All opinions are our own!)