OOH! Shiny! Hearts!

I needed a couple quick neighbor gifts, and since it's so close to Valentine's Day, I thought I would make some heartfelt (pun intended!) gifts.  You can never go wrong with a White Flat Weave Kitchen Towel decorated up for the holidays.  I have a wonderful stash of DecoSparkle HTV (heat transfer vinyl) so it was easy to pluck out the pretty red, pink and silver I needed. 

I pulled up a heart design in my Silhouette Studio software and sized the heart to be 2.5" wide.  Then I cut a couple hearts out of each color (red, pink, silver).  I decided on a vertical placement on the towel.  That's where it got a little tricky.  I used my Heat Tape, which I could NOT live without.  See how I positioned all the hearts and then held them in place while I moved them to the heat press?

You really need a teflon pressing sheet when you go to press it.  It protects the towel from being scorched by the heat press.  I also HIGHLY suggest a pressing pillow to place under the towel.  It helps you get a REALLY strong press and get a really nice transfer.

I had the heat press set to 325 degrees and pressed for only about 12 seconds.  The DecoSparkle really transfers fast and doesn't need a long press time.  Here's a close-up of the finished towel.  Look at all that sparkle!


I wanted to give more than just a towel, so I cut out 4 hearts measuring about 1.75" wide and cut out a set.  I followed the same process for pressing them onto a set of 4 cocktail napkins.  Too cute!

Here's a list of supplies and where I got them.  (Some of them are affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for any sale made through these links.  But they are all products we bought and used and highly recommend--all opinions are our own).

--Solid Flat Weave Towels can be found here

--Linen Cocktail Napkins can be found here

--Deco Sparkle (Pink, Red, Silver)

--simple heart .svg for your vinyl cutting machine

--Teflon pressing sheet can be found here

--Teflon pressing pillows can be found here

Now get to sparkling!

All That Glitters Is Gold

I sat down one evening and started cutting out hearts from all the beautiful sparkly HTV (heat transfer vinyl) I had in my stash.  I LOVE the way I've been seeing gold and silver mixed in to everyday living, and especially on pastels.  So I pulled my favorite pastel Solid Flat Weave Towels off the shelf and heat pressed these gorgeous hearts!

Here's the short and sweet list of supplies and the super easy instructions:

--Cotton Flat Weave Towels you can find here

--Glitterflex Ultra Heat Transfer Vinyl in Light Gold from www.crystaleyecandy.com

--Heart design for your vinyl cutting machine (we use Silhouette Cameo)

--Pressing Pillow (this is optional, but extremely helpful for getting a really nice transfer)  You can find the pressing pillows here:  ProWorld Pressing Pillows

--Teflon Pressing Sheet - A must-have for heat tranfer applications!  Available here


Cut the hearts out of the glitter HTV.  I cut mine to be 4.5 inches wide if you would like to copy what I did.  Determine which end of the towel is the bottom side (there's a hanging tab on the top, so you want to make sure to put the design on the bottom half).  If I'm doing the same design on multiple towels, I line up all three towels next to each other and make sure I position the design at the same spot across all three so they look the same.  You can use Heat Tape to hold the designs in place--love this product!

Making a "towel sandwich", layer a pressing pillow down onto the heat press, put the towel on top of it, and a teflon pressing sheet on top to protect the towel during the transfer. 

Transfer the design.  I used heat press settings of 325 degree temp and pressed for about 18 seconds.  I removed the clear carrier sheet from the design, then turned the towel over the pressed again for about another 18 seconds to really pull that vinyl into the towel.


I couldn't stop at just kitchen towels---I made this ADORABLE onesie!  Now to find a little baby girl to wear it---everyone I know has boys!

(some of the links above are affiliate links, which means if you click through them and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.  However, every product we feature is one we've bought and used ourselves and LOVE it, which is why we are recommending it.  All opinions are our own!)


Woodland Babies Applique + Our Baby Blanks

I'm a huge fan of Designs By JuJu (www.designsbyjuju.com).  I'm on their mailing list and I pretty much love every single design set or font set they release.  I couldn't possibly stitch them all, but I can dream, right?  She recently released a set that immediately made me wish I had a reason to stitch these out on our onesies, bibs and burp cloths.  I mocked up the samples in Photoshop so you could be inspired by a project I'd like to make one day.  Maybe YOU will get it done?  If so, send us pics!!

The set I'm in love with is called Boxy Woodland Applique.  I'm a sucker for any cute little creature and I LOVE applique because it goes so fast!


I've mocked them up on our White Knit Onesies (the softest you will ever lay hands on!) and our white knit bibs and burps.  Below is the "foxy" grey knit bib and burp.  The font on the burp cloths is called "Chachie" and you can find it at www.rivermillembroidery.com

If you make up your own, please send us pics!  We can drool over your creations next!

Use code BLOG10 when shopping at our retail website at www.allaboutblanks.com as a special treat for reading our blog! You'll get 10% off your next order.  Coupon valid for one-time shopping spree only.  Coupon expires 12/31/2018.  If you're reading this post after that date, you're awesome.  Email us at [email protected] and we'll hook you up with a new code!


A Very Turquoise Christmas

We get asked about these samples a lot, so I thought I would post the details here on our blog for a quick reference.  I found these wonderful designs in the "Frosty Forest" collection at EmbroideryOnline.com.  The designer (Cherry Cuidry) had created these towels with them and I loved the look of the designs on the turquoise towels.  So different!  This collection actually came out a couple years ago and at that time there was a coordinating line of fabric.  That's the fabric you see on the samples below.  If you hunt around the internet, you MAY be able to find a bit of it out there.  But the embroidery designs are definitely available here!

Here's the version I stitched on our Solid Flat Weave Turquoise Towels:

and here's a mockup of a couple more of the designs on the dark turquoise:

Just a fun twist on traditional Christmas colors---I love it!  I hope you do too!



Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, we receive a small commission, which goes into our company holiday party fund! :)

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Hey there!  I have a friend who graciously serves Thanksgiving dinner each and every year.  I'm thankful she likes to entertain---because it's not my forte!  What I AM good at though, is making a quick and cute hostess gift to take to her!

I get a kick out of funny sayings, so I had to do something with this fun "Pour Some Gravy On Me" design.  I found both SVG designs (for cutting on my Silhouette Cameo) online at an Etsy shopped called BeeDoodleDigital. The designs were reasonably priced at just $3.00 each.

To get a good result, I used basic black Siser Easyweed HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and I SWEAR by this teflon pressing pillow.  Using the teflon pillow under the kitchen towels gives a really good seal between the towel and the heat press.  A good way to describe it is that it allows the vinyl to "sink into" the towel while it's being heat pressed.  I kept the temp low and pressed it at 300 for about 23 seconds.  Turned out great!

So I've told you where to get all the designs and supplies---I almost forgot to tell you where to get the towels!  Here they are on our website:  Dobby Border Kitchen Towels.

I'm on the lookout for some machine embroidery designs that have the same look/flavor to them.  If you know of any, let us know in the comments section!  I'd like to help the machine embroiderers out there make the same project!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  ----Susan & Crew


Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, we receive a small commission, which goes into our company holiday party fund! :)