Onesies - Short Sleeve White

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For our Little Firecracker sample we chose "Little Firecracker" from to stitch.  Your onesie will be blank.
For the Patriotic Tie sample (above) we chose "Flag Tie Applique" from  How cute!

These onesies are made from the most soft and luxurious cotton fabric we could find.  They are truly top notch and will be perfect for your special little one!  So perfect for appliques!
Choose from four sizes.
100% Cotton

We discovered this really neat gadget to help wrangle those onesies for embroidery!  The "Easy Onesie" from  She also has a blog post showing how it works:  Easy Onesie Blog post.  Thanks for letting us share, Cookie!
Price: $8.50
Buy 2 for $15.00!