Flour Sack Towels - Pack of 3

Flour Sack Towels - Pack of 3
Flour Sack Towels - Pack of 3
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Woven just like the old-fashioned ones, these towels offer wonderful absorbency while leaving your glasses lint-free.
Sold in set of 3.
100% Cotton Measures 23" x 35"
We test washed our samples and found that shrinkage was very minimal.

Moonlight Beige Sold Out - No longer available.

**Please note!  Some people have ordered these flour sack towels thinking they are the plain white flat-weave dishtowels we offer.  These are NOT.  These are very traditional, thinner, "grandma's flour sack towels" that are used for traditional redwork.  Make sure you want flour sack towels and not these:

Here is a photo and a link to our "plain solid kitchen towels" that are more like a dishtowel:
If you know for sure it's the Flour Sack Towels you want, then go ahead and order below.  We just want to make sure so you're happy when you open your package!
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